I hope so...
"Pleasant first impressions
This is one of the most favorable influences for personal relationships. You can readily express your love and affection, and others are likely to show their affection for you. Seek the company of others, because you are in a sociable frame of mind today. Today is also a good time to resolve any problems in your personal relationships. You will be able to discuss any tensions that exist without difficulty, assuring your loved one that your love is sincere. This is also a day when you may meet a new lover or friend. It is a good time for any necessary new encounters because the environment favors pleasant first impressions."
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so happy i'm done with papers for today. tomorrow...1-3 more. i'm high on coffee and redbull. i need a miracle to pass this math class. i think i wanna do something relaxing/fun tonight. maybe movie? anything but papers. please no more papers.

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So, I went to the Science Library to finish writing my papers 'cause I thought there'd be no way to be distracted there. I even went to one of those little desk cubicle thingies. The only problem is people write all over them and I feel the need to read every little inane comment. They're not even interesting. I wish I had an easier time focusing.

How did I become so anxious?

I should do some math. I hate math. I hate math more than hearing scratching of a fork on someone's teeth...okay, maybe a little less. There's nothing worse than that grindy teeth against metal.
Actually, I really dislike feeling wind on my face, like when the window is open in a car. I usually put my hood on in that kind of situation. But I'm not sure which I hate most: math, metal on teeth, or wind.

Catch-up month

I need everything to slow down for a minute...or a month. I just need like a catch-up month to get up to speed on some studying. And clean my room. I also want to do some creative writing at some point in this catch-up month. Who wants to go on strike with me for a month? I think we all need some extra time. It just seems like I can't get anything done in a day; a week always seems like a good amount of time but it goes by so quickly. I'll get bored with a year of nothing to do. So yea, a month seems about right.


So the train made its usual stop at Procrastination Station. Arrived a little early today; hopefully it'll make it to Productivity City without much delay. I don't know though; the weather has been quite unpredictable these days. Please, no more storms.
Speaking of tripping...
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